Mobile SUDS Team at a Glance

Explanation of Program

Established November 2018, we are a first of a kind mobile team designed to support individuals in reducing or quitting their substance use. We are a team of peer recovery specialists and counselors that meet people in the community to proactively support them. Most of our team members are in long term recovery and understand the difficulties of living a new lifestyle. We aim to provide hope through our immediate and accessible services.

  • We take referrals from Ramsey, Dakota, and Washington County Hospitals and Ramsey County Detox.

    • We make phone or text contact with referrals within 24 hours, typically before 10 am of referral receipt.  

      • *** As of Sept 2020, we do not operate on Sundays. Referrals made on Saturdays will be responded to on Mondays **​*

    • We aspire to reduce visits to emergency departments, reduce hospital admissions and detox center visits.

  • We are a voluntary service at no cost, we help individuals at their own pace in their own way!

    • We are funded by a grant and do not bill insurance.

    • Once referred, participants can enter, exit and return to the program at any point.

  • Individuals choose to participate monthly and a new care plan is started each month.

    • Typical participation ranges between 30 & 120 days.

  • We meet individuals in the community to support their recovery journey. 

    • We can go to sober support meetings, read recovery related books together, get coffee and go for walks.

    • We hope to make first contact while individuals are hospitalized.

    • We also provide chemical health assessments and treatment placement. 

Meet The Team

Jeff Richards

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

- Otherwise known as Recovery Coach

Brief History:

  • All PRS are in long-term recovery


Primary Responsibilities​​:

  • Overall assist with creating a fulfilling recovery program for participants

  • Reach out to participants at participant's choosing (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) via text or call and arrange meetings 

  • Find and attend high quality sober support meetings together at participant's choosing (AA, NA, SMART, etc)

  • Get coffee together to talk wellness & goals

  • Talk about healthy activities to try together like yoga, movies, clubs, cooking classes, fishing, sporting events, etc

  • Go to workforce center (if needed) to work on resume and apply for jobs

  • Assistance with transportation to resources or recovery activities 

  • Many other options as well!

Shawn Plocher

Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Brief History:

  • In long-term recovery From Alcohol

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Identify and address goals and current stressors

  • Complete chemical health assessments and referrals to treatment

  • Provide counseling and education

  • Connect with wellness and sobriety related activities

Clinical Supervisor

Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor & Licensed Professional Counselor

Brief History: 

  • Has personal history  in long-term recovery

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Is team lead of program and supervises program clinical practice

  • Identify and address goals and stressors

  • Complete chemical health assessments and referrals to treatment

  • Family or couples counseling

  • Case Management

Minnesota Recovery Connection Leadership

Tiffany Irvin - Peer Recovery Specialist Manager 

Brief History:

  • In long-term recovery

  • Certified Peer Recovery Specialist 

  • Available for part-time recovery coaching

Program Goals for participants

Our Philosophy

We want to help people break their cycles of repeating the same behaviors and getting the same results. We want to show ways of doing things differently and getting different results. We focus on solutions and building up who we serve. Our goal is to help individuals "recover, discover and create" the life they want to live.

Our Approach

 We work alongside individuals and pursue their favorite recovery plans first. We want to help individuals define what their recovery and find ways to put their recovery in action. We offer gentle suggestions and do not convince people into change. We hope to be partners in change.

1. Team meets with participant to identify goals and complete month 1 care plan

2. Team offers resources and services

4. Team collaborates with participant and their supports 

5. Team provides guidance for recommended next steps

6. At the end of each month the participant can accept or decline next month services and complete new care plan

Download Care Plan 


Participant Identified Goal:

Quit or Abstain from Substance Use

1. Team meets participant to identify goals and complete month 1 care plan

2. Team can assist with placement to treatment or working recovery plan without treatment

3. Team offers resources and services in collaboration with treatment providers and supports involved

4. Team provides guidance and recommendations for next steps

5. Team is available on-call for support

6. At the end of each month the participant can accept or decline next month services and complete new care plan

Participant Identified Goal:

Reduce or Control Substance Use

For Active Participants

1. Do not be ashamed to share episodes of substance use!

2. Do not feel ashamed to return to program after extended periods of absence or setbacks! 

3. The Mobile SUDS Team will never respond with disappointment or frustration following returns or increases in use. The Mobile SUDS Team will largely focus on solutions, not problems!

4. The Mobile SUDS Team will meet with participants as much or as little as preferred either over phone, in community (coffee shops, restaurants, parks), treatment center, or at participant residence.

5. Participant can work with any preferred team members

6. Participants will not be discharged due to ongoing use

7. Once referred to program once, individual can enter/return/leave to program at any point

8. The Mobile SUDS Team can provide transportation for participants in moderation and within reason

Referral Criteria

(see how to make referral tab above)

1. Must be an adult resident of Ramsey, Dakota, or Washington Counties. Homelessness residency is determined case by case. 
2. Must be referred from either Ramsey County Detox or Ramsey, Dakota, or Washington County Hospitals. Individual is introduced to program while in facility and if interested in program, a consent and referral form is completed.
3. New referrals are open to reducing or quitting use
4. New referrals are called or text by 10am the next day after referral receipt

New Referrals and Possible Participants

First phone contact expectations: Mobile SUDS Team member will call or text referral's primary phone or referring facility before 10 am the day following referral fax. Team member will explain program, identify goals, and discuss next steps. 

First in person contact: Mobile SUDS Team Member will complete a care plan, get to know referral, and agree on plan going forward. If referral is interested, Mobile SUDS Team Clinical Staff can also complete chemical dependency assessment and referrals to treatment. 




Tel. 651-326-3323

Fax. 651-326-8049

800 Transfer Rd, Suite 31, St. Paul, MN, 55114



Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm



Please call office phone number at 651-326-3323 if you have questions or feedback!