Referral Process Step by Step

Eligible Referral Criteria

1. Patient is in ED, Medical Unit, Mental Health Unit or Detox Center

2. Patient is an adult resident of Ramsey, Dakota, or Washington County.

  • We're flexible when it comes to homelessness

3. Patient is seeking to reduce or quit their alcohol or drug use.

Referral Steps

1. Hospital or Detox staff introduces and explains Mobile SUDS Team. See below for more info.

2. Hospital or Detox staff completes referral documents: Faxes consent and referral form. 651-326-8049

3. Mobile SUDS Team calls/texts or video contacts participant the next day before 10 am.

4. Mobile SUDS Team sends email to referring provider confirming referral receipt.

5. Mobile SUDS Team can meet with participant same/next day (weekends vary) after referral receipt.

Referral Documents and Brochure

Key Points to Share With Possible Referral

1. It doesn't matter if the referral wants to reduce or quit their use. The Mobile SUDS Team will meet with them just once or as much as they want to identify goals to work towards. 

2. The program is designed to be a resource to help individuals "get on their feet" and "get pointed in the right direction". Upon first meeting, a first month care plan can be started and program is a 30 day service until each month the participant decides to extend the program.

3. Encourage new referrals to expect a call or text on their primary phone on consent form before 10 am the day following referral being made.

4. Due to grant funding of program, there is no cost to participants.

5. The Mobile SUDS Team can typically complete Rule 25 assessments within 1-2 business days. Please advertise program as comprehensive service. Not only a rule 25 assessor. :)

6. Participants can enter or re-enter program at any point in future after referral or active participation in program.

7. The Mobile SUDS Team abides by HIPPA rules and regulations regarding identifying information. Therefore, the Mobile SUDS Team will not contact anyone that a release of information (consent form) is not signed to.

8. Participants can work with any team member of choice, including;

  • Peer Recovery Coach: Identify goals related to substance use and find wellness activities. Help with employment, help with finding good support meetings.

  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor: Identify Goals, Refer to Treatment, Counseling and Education

  • Clinical Social Worker: Identify Goals, Mental Health Therapy, Family/Relationship Counseling, and Case Management